Parent/Guardian Pack 2021


We’re glad that you have chosen to be a part of the action at Camp Akita this summer.  The fact that you are reading this packet indicates that you have already registered your child for a week of fun, learning, and excitement at Camp Akita.  It is our hope that many of your lingering questions will be answered by reading the following information.  The Parent Information packet addresses most of how to prepare for camp and what is “going on” at camp and should give you a good idea of what to expect.  If you have any other questions, we do invite you to call our Camp Akita Summer office at 309-876-2060.


Our Mission:

To build a positive camp environment that intentionally supports the spiritual, relational and physical needs of our campers and staff.


Our Goals:
Spiritual: To demonstrate that faith in action is fun. God is invited to be a part of all we do at Camp Akita. Through daily worship times and an awareness of God’s presence throughout the day a friendship with Jesus Christ is encouraged.
Relational: To help campers develop personal confidence in their ability to learn new skills. To encourage and invite campers to make positive choices about their lifestyle and future, by presenting them with character-building lessons and mentoring them in making positive choices. To encourage healthy relationships and be accepting of others.
Physical: To provide fun-filled, challenging recreational opportunities for children and youth where skills are learned in a systematic and uplifting manner. To strive for a safe environment, where risk is minimized.


About Camp Akita:   

Camp Akita is a Christian camp, owned and operated by the Illinois Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Applications are accepted from boys and girls ages 7-17 without regard to race, religion or political view. Camp Akita strives to operate in a professional way and is held accountable in this goal through its memberships in the AACP (Association of Adventist Camping Professionals), and is accredited by the ACA (American Camp Association).


Outstanding Value: 
Most camps that compare to Camp Akita charge up to three times as much, yet do not offer a staff/camper ratio of 1 to 4.  This is possible because we are not-for-profit and our program is sponsored and subsidized by the Illinois Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.  Adventists believe that providing positive Christian experiences for kids is a high priority.


Camper Registration:
Please plan to arrive at camp no earlier than 1:30 pm on Sunday. Our registration process begins at 2:00 pm. We expect that full payment be made for each camper prior to their arrival at Camp.


Pick-up times:
Check-out time for campers is between the hours of 9:00 and 10:00 am on Sunday.  We request that every authorized person designated to pick up their child must check-in at the Main Lodge and present a government-issued photo ID before picking up camper.  Because your child’s safety is our priority, our policy is for campers to leave by the same means they arrived, unless other arrangements have been made.


Bus Transportation: 

This year campers who live in the Chicago Land area have been blessed with the option of getting free bus transportation to and from camp. This service has been made possible thanks to a partnership between Adventist Health System and the IL Conference of SDA, and we are very thankful! If you have signed up your campers, please check the schedule HERE for specific times. Please know that due to unforeseen circumstances bus pick up or drop off times may be delayed. We’ll do our best to keep you informed through the email and phone number we have on your Ultracamp account. For any questions please contact Stacey DePluzer 309-876-2060.


Visiting Camp:
We have a closed campus at Camp Akita.  What that means, is that we do not allow visitors on the premises unless previously arranged and agreed with the Summer Camp Director. We appreciate your support to Camp Akita.  We invite you to visit only during the opening day and closing day of camp. Should you desire to take a camper from camp early, arrangements must be made with the office. 


Health Insurance Card: 
We need a copy of the front and back of your insurance card for each child. To upload your file, first scan the copy or take a picture of the front and back of the card and save it as a .jpg or .pdf file. Log into your account and go to the Additional Options menu. Click “Document Center” in the drop-down menu. Under the Downloadable Forms section, select the “Upload” icon to the right of the Insurance Card link and follow the instructions. You can follow these same instructions to upload immunization records.


Cabin Assignments:

This year, you as the parent and/or legal guardian have designated the cabin in which your child will stay. We will do our best to keep him/her in the designated cabin chosen during registration; however, please understand that we hold the right to change the cabin your child has chosen in order to best fit our program.  


Camp Store: 

Campers always enjoy shopping at the camp store.  With the help of the friendly staff in the Camp Akita General Store, your camper will have the opportunity to buy things that can accompany the memories they make through the week, as well as basic snacks. Campers can buy souvenirs to help preserve their memories and help support Camp Akita at the same time. In your Ultracamp account, you can add money for Camp Store use. We recommend $25-50.


Cell Phones:

Please do not send a cell phone to camp with your child, unless it’s needed for medical purposes.  If your child brings a cell phone to camp he or she will be asked to leave it with the camp office until it is time to return home.  In a situation where you need to be contacted or you need to contact us, the camp’s business office (309) 876-2060 is your best resource.


Dress Code:

As a Christian camp, Camp Akita’s dress code falls strongly on the side of modesty and appropriateness. We realize that there can be a great deal of debate over how modesty and appropriateness are defined. Because of this, it is difficult to state exactly what is and isn’t appropriate and we ask for your help in selecting appropriate clothing for your camper.  Girls should be particularly sensitive and avoid clothes that are revealing. Messages on clothing should not be suggestive nor be offensive, and at no time should we be able to see the underclothing of boys or girls.  When in doubt, leave it at home and no questions will be raised.  Thanks for packing selectively, including one-piece swimsuits for girls and board shorts for boys. If there is a “dress-code violation” the camper will simply be asked to change his or her clothing to something more suitable.  Thank you so much for your help. 

What to Bring Packing List:

Sleeping Bag
Everyday Clothes
Long Pants/Jeans
Shoes & Socks
Flip Flops for shower
Modest Swimsuit (no two-piece suits for girls or speedos for boys)
Beach Towel
Towel & Washcloth
Soap, Shampoo/Conditioner
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Insect Repellent
Laundry Bag
Store Money (suggest $25-50)
Camera & Film

Please make sure all personal items have the camper’s name on it.
Camp Akita is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


What Not to Pack:
Laptops, netbooks, small or portable stereos, MP3 players, iPods, cell phones, and the like.  We like our campers to focus on building relationships with new friends rather than isolating themselves with music or cell phone conversations.
Jewelry and any other valuable items:  due to safety and security issues we request that jewelry be left at home.
Fireworks, matches, lighters: flames of all kinds are banned during summer months.
Drugs, cigarettes, alcohol.


Lost & Found:
Lost and found items are going to be kept for up to two (2) weeks upon the conclusion of your child’s camp. At that time, any unclaimed articles of clothing will be donated to charity. Even though Camp Akita is a Christian camp and we expect our guests to respect each other and each other’s personal things, Camp Akita is not responsible for lost or stolen items. To help us minimize the possibility of a lost or stolen personal item, please identify it with your child’s first and last name.


Please do not bring your child to camp if they have a contagious condition, i.e. pink eye, an infestation of lice, chicken pox, etc.  A health professional is on duty 24 hours a day to provide first aid, and to assess, and possibly refer a camper to more advanced medical care if needed.  All medications are to be dispensed by the camp nurse.  They should be turned in to the nurse at registration time.


Lice Check:
Dear Parents, please be sure to do lice check on your camper prior to them coming to camp, it’s heartbreaking for us and the camper having to send someone home due to finding lice during our routine lice check during registration. 



As Camp Akita Staff we focus on identifying the “missing home syndrome” and helping campers readjust to the camp’s programs.  However, here are four (4) things we have learned over the years:

1.    By watching for early signs of discomfort, homesickness is usually avoidable.

2.    Once parents are out of sight, counselors and other campers come into focus and the fun starts.
3.    Parents are usually more uneasy about leaving their children than the children are about leaving their parents.  Many parents have found that they can prevent homesickness by encouraging their children to spend a night or two away from home before camp starts.

4.    Calling home and/or calling from home generally does not help.  Our staff will assess the need to call home on a case by case basis.  When you call your child at camp, it often hinders their adaptability to the camp’s program and schedule.  Parents, please resist the temptation to call your child at camp.


Parents Emergency Contact:
In the event that your child needs medical care, the camp nurse or camp director will contact you if the child has been in the sick bay for more than 24 hours or if it is deemed that the child must visit the local emergency room.


Camper mail is delivered to and picked up from Camp Akita daily; UPS, FedEx, and other carriers also service the camp.  Address camper letters and packages to:


(Camper’s Name)

Camp Akita

1684 Knox Rd 1200 N

Gilson, IL  61436-9430

Please do not send more food than 8-10 cabin members can eat in one sitting (without getting a tummy ache!) Please do not send candy.  Also, if you would like to send your child or loved one a care package via USPS, please send it a day or two prior to their arrival at camp to assure that they receive it during the week.


We understand that being away from your child may raise your level of anxiety because of being separated from him or her.  We welcome and encourage you as a parent to write to your son or daughter to express how much you love them and miss them. You can do so through your Ultracamp account, on the "email your camper" tab, give us a call if you need help finding that tab.

Medical Expense Coverage:

Each camper is covered under a conference-sponsored camp accident medical insurance through AIG Life.  The plan has coverage for covered medical expenses incurred as a result of bodily injury sustained by a camper while participating in a scheduled activity sponsored by Camp Akita up to $5,000.  There is also AD&D up to $7,500 and catastrophic loss up to $50,000.  There is a $25 deductible per occurrence.  Anything above that amount will be covered by parents’ insurance. The plan document, which lists the provisions and exclusions, is available from the Illinois Conference Risk Management Department.  If a camper becomes ill on their own and needs to see a physician, the parents’ health insurance will cover the charges. 



Every evening your child will participate in the campfire worship with their cabin mates.  Campers will sit back and relax as energetic staff put on a memorable program that creatively presents a character-building lesson.  This is often their favorite part of camp.  Campfire begins with the singing of Camp Akita favorites, old and new songs that campers take home with them when the week is over.  The night is capped off with a character building play that displays the grand talents of the Camp Akita staff.  Campfire is a fun-filled, positive worship experience for all campers and will provide great memories of their week of camp.


Teen Camp:

A highlight for teen campers is the Teen Banquet during the weeks of Teen Camp. Campers will enjoy a dinner that coordinates with a special theme. Teen Camp 2019 theme is “Starry Night” with semi-formal attire. During dinner, campers will enjoy fun wholesome entertainment provided by the staff as well as games and other fun. The evening will be topped off with a special campfire program. 



Your camper will enjoy three healthy meals each day during his/her stay at Camp Akita.  Meals served are vegetarian, but do include eggs, cheese, and dairy products.  Nutritional balance is always considered and special requests for allergies can be accommodated. If your child is allergic to any food substance, please indicate that on his/her health form.

Refund Policy:

A “no show” is defined as by someone who simply does not come to camp and gives no notice. Refunds for a “no show” will be granted only in case of medical emergency, otherwise, a $250 of the tuition will not be reimbursed.  For cancelations within 1 week period or less, $175 will not be refunded.  If your child is a stay over camper, the $25 Laundry fee (if paid for) will be deemed as refundable. If by any means you need to cancel your reservation, please contact us!


Campership Fund:
Because “kids come first” at Camp Akita, we believe that no child should be turned away because of finances.  Our Campership Fund, made possible through the generosity of friends of Camp Akita, is available to any family with financial need.  Thank you for investing in young people.  For those seeking Campership Fund assistance, call to apply early as funds are limited.  Donations to this fund are greatly appreciated all year long.


Camper Daily Schedule: 
A typical day follows the schedule listed below.  Campers attend activities as a cabin team during Cub Camp and have an adjusted schedule for early bedtime and rest periods.

7:00 am                        Reveille and Clean-up

7:50 am                        Line Call – Flag Raising

8:00 am                        Breakfast

9:25 am                        Camp Council

10:05 -11:05 am          1st Period

11:15 am -12:15 pm    2nd Period

12:30 pm                      Line Call

12:40 -1:20 pm             Lunch

1:30 pm                        Cabin Rest Period

2:25 pm                        Wagon leaves

2:40 – 3:40 pm             3rd Period

3:50 – 4:50 pm             4th Period

5:00 pm                        5th Period 

6:10 pm                        Line Call -- Flag Lowering

6:20 pm                        Supper

7:20 pm                        Recreation

7:55 - 9:00 pm              Evening Camp Fire Program

10:00 pm                      Lights Out in Cabins

Thank you so much for your cooperation with this information. May God bless you and thank you for entrusting us with your precious children!

Camp Akita


1684 Knox Rd. 1200 N
Gilson, IL 61436


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